Stained Glass Panel Window
Image incorporating the beauty and grandeur of a church's stained glass window into your home.  With stained glass window panels, you can get the beautiful colors and the classy look of stained glass windows.  You don't have to go for the grandeur of large panels or complex scenes.  Many stained glass window panels are small, and show scenes of flowers, landscapes, or abstract designs.  Stained glass panels are perfect for brightening up any home.

Why to Decorate With Stained Glass Panels
These beautiful art works can be inspired by just about anything.  Some come in brightly colored abstract designs, while others are lighter in color and depict images of animals or plants.  They can be based on a landscape scene, or on a photograph.  Stained glass panels in you home can also be based on a story or event. They can depict a religious scene, a mythological scene, or an image from a favorite book.

Because of the infinite variety of styles and colors available, stained glass panels give you the chance to really personalize your home. 

Another important benefit is the ease of cleaning.  Stained glass panels don't show off dirt as noticeably as clear glass windows, and they require little maintenance.

How to Decorate With Stained Glass Panels
Stained glass panels aren't just for your windows, either.  They can be great on doors, or on cabinets.  You can even buy stained glass designs to use as decorations on walls, or hanging from the ceiling.  Another option is to look for hanging stained glass panels.  These won't have to be professionally installed, so they are a lot easier to work with and incorporate into your home than large stained glass window panels. You can hang a few of these in front of a window to add a lot of color to your room.

You are not even limited to inside your house with stained glass panels.  If they are made right, they can be sturdy enough to stand or hang outside, on a porch or in your garden. 

Since stained glass panels can be small and can stand or hang on their own, they can easily be changed.  This lends itself well to seasonal decorations.  You can easily find holiday stained glass panels, featuring Christmas or Halloween decorations.  Or you can change them based on the seasons, with bright flowers in the spring, and cooler, snowy landscape scenes in the winter.

When you are looking to buy stained glass panels, you have a lot of choices.  You can buy a lot of stained glass panels, in a huge variety of styles, online.  You can also commission a custom-made stained glass panel.  You can take a photograph or design that you like, or convert one of your own drawings into a stained glass panel.

If you want custom stained glass panels, keep in mind that some images and designs will work better in stained glass.  Brightly colored images with a lot of contrast, and not too many intricate designs or complex shapes are best.

Keep in mind if you are buying online that stained glass panels are delicate and easily broken.  You'll pay extra for shipping, handling, and packaging.  Still, the range of options of stained glass panels for sale makes shopping online a very worthwhile experience.

Another option that you have is to make your own.  For the more adventurous and artistic, this can be very rewarding.  A good place to start is with stained glass panel kits.  These include everything you need to start making your own designs.  Even if you decide to go it alone, without the help of a pre-designed kit, the basics of creating stained glass aren't difficult to master.

Stained glass panel for China church window

Processing for Stained glass panel for China church window

Stained glass panel for China church window

Processing for Stained glass panel for China church window

Stained glass panel for window